“Unlocking the Decentralized”

Abhinav R. Soomaney


Get ahead of the curve with this comprehensive guide to understanding blockchain and its many applications.

Blockchain can do more than just create coins or cryptocurrency. The purpose of this book is to educate readers about the complexities of blockchain technology. Readers will find a comprehensive rundown of themes such as:

  • A. Factors affecting cryptocurrency prices – tokens versus coins – types of crypto wallets, and how investors can keep their coins safe

  • B. Comparison between the stock market and crypto market –the importance of the white paper – types of forks, and what happens in each case

  • C. Details about p2p trading – cryptocurrency tax audits – how investors or traders can make investing tax efficient

  • D. Staking rewards versus bank interest rates – taxation on staking rewards – Defi crypto tax guide

NFTs are becoming increasingly popular across the world. However, there isn’t much understanding of their fundamentals or their tax implications – this book explains NFTs in a nutshell.

All the fundamentals are covered in this guide, from how cryptocurrency debit cards work to how they differ from regular bank cards and whether or not their usage is legal or not – coin company failures – delisting coins – and more – all the basics are here.